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Typical LivinWell Owners Dashboard

This is the LivinWell Owners Dashboard(Desktop View)- Your view may be different depending on the package you are subscribed to. (the mobile view will also be different)


  1. Dashboard Button- This is the top level dashboard view for your listing- it shows statistics, alerts and message summaries

  2. Announcements- One or more announcements can be created to highlight a short message - these messages are displayed prominently on your listing page and also highlights an announcement flag in search results.   You can create a couple- one to announce the arrival of an out of stock item, or show that you are closing early- or highlight holiday hours- its your choice and includes a customizable button to link to your site/coupon/or social media.

  3. Events- Events are like announcements but they offer a lot more options.  You can create an event and include, pictures, specific instructions, create a link to your Facebook page, collect invitations and more.  Most important- the event page is available as its own public URL so you can link to it directly from any other web location-  It's a temporary webpage- just for your event!

  4. Appointments-Appointments allow you to manage basic reservations.  This feature is available on select business plans.

  5. Coupons- Listing Coupons are available on select business plans.

  6. Menu- You can upload any .jpg file any have it appear as a menu in your listing.  You can also create basic menus online with pictures, pricing, etc.

  7. Listings- This option will show you a list of all of the directory listings you are managing under your current profile. (Usually 1) 

  8. Inbox-  THis is where you will recieve copies of system messages, reviews, comments, and other platform interactions.

  9. Invoices- Current and past invoices for directory plans and internal ads will be displayed here.

  10. Saved-  Any directory listing that you have marked as a favorite will appear here.

  11. Ad Campaigns- Ad Campaigns are internal ad placements within the directory.  There are three types of ads- #1)Front Page, #2)Top of Search, and #3)Listing Sidebar.  They are a very simple way to stand out on the directory and increase visits.  You can purchase ads by the day in any combination you require.

  12. Reviews- Any reviews that your property receives- or any review you have written under this user name will appear here.

  13. Add Listing- If you want to add another listing- submit it here.

  14. Contact Support- Use this link to contact our support staff -OR use the Chat button on every page of the directory.

  15. Profile or LogOut- Select this to manage your user profile, OR to log out of the directory.

  16. System Messages- Various system and administrator messages will appear here.

  17. Ratings Alerts- Any flags, negative reviews and other rating information will appear here.

  18. Visitor Stats- Weekly/Monthly visitor stats are here.

  19. Visitor Details-Any details regarding site visits, calls, leadforms or links will be reported here

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